TauCeti gameplay

Merge with the environment and follow your instincts! There are many ways and many directions but only a few let you progress and reveal the mystery of TauCeti Unknown Origin. Be wise and do not let yourself get trapped.


There are not too many places on the land where you will feel 100% secure. Nevertheless, your base gives you enough shelter and time to increase your chances. In co-operative mode, this place becomes a meeting point that is easy to find and where you and your pals can come up with some clever tactics.

Get rid of your enemies. Fight for your right to live and stand the Riddick´s terror in the night with the ultimate combat made of unique weapons created from blueprints. There is much more to fight with, useful upgradable gear, and special ore that will leave your opponents with significant damage. 

Explore the planet and follow the story during a day. Regardless of the many TauCeti predators, try to obtain everything that boosts your health and gear and become a ruler of this hostile place. Fight with a virus and do not miss any collectibles or the rewards on your way.

COOP: Play with someone with a pulse

Don't like gaming alone? You can play with your pals and enjoy the challenges within group content. TauCeti will let you and your friends experience the wildest existing planet in the universe and reveal its secrets.



Throughout the environment, you may discover shattered parts from your broken vessel. Get the weapons from crashed fragments of ESS Meridian scattered all over the planet or equip your hero with native´s weaponry.

In a hopeless situation, all of the resources might come handy. Also, the weapons from natives are easy to set, but you won´t last long only with them.
By collecting many materials, ore, and items you get to create your own unique weapons, implants, and gear sets. Hold your destiny firmly in your hands!
Only the best resources enable you to create the original and epic weapons leading you to the ultimate combats and cleaning your way towards the bright future. With Blueprints production plans, you may combine more and create the most challenging arsenal.
As soon as you manage to build one of the flying hovercrafts, you'll be able to explore faster with a much better chance to escape the packs of hungry predators. Hovers feel like the combination of a motorbike, a plane, and a scooter with a variety of moves. Take advantage of this cool piece, and there are more options to choose from!


A living world of dangerous and unpredictable enemies will keep your eyes open all the time!